Linux – Fixing Suspend/Resume on AMD renoir Lenovo ThinkBook G2 ARE on kernel 5.19 , 6.0 and up

thinkbook 15 g2 are image

After 3 evenings of testing and hundreds of permutations, I finally found a setting that works to make suspend works on my laptop. Current laptop: Lenovo Thinkbook G2 ARE with AMD processor 4700u (renoir)and 40GB ram Fix suspend and resume to find your kernel version, type For kernel 5.19, 6.0 and newer add the boot […]

ArchLinux users, manage packages with a fuzzy finder


ArchLinux has several graphical package managers like Pamac. When you’re already in the shell, it’s faster to stay there. One of the annoyance I often have is that when I search for a package, I do a search, then filter the results with GREP, then sort the results to a pager and then try to […]

Unlock turbo boost for your Ryzen CPU on Linux

processor image

Update 2022-09-09 : I corrected a few typos This article will unlock the full power of your processor. The laptops these days seem to be locked out of their full potential. NOTE: If you want to investigate on your machine, I recommend adding the following tools. Arch : pacman -S btop cpupower turbostat Ubuntu / […]