New bios for ThinkBook 15 G2 ARE AMD

Lenovo just released a new bios for the ThinkBook 15 G2 ARE AMD : FACN31WW(V1.14) .

Note 1: This firmware doesn’t fix the suspend issue, refer to my previous post for how to fix.

Note 2: If you run Linux only on that machine, refer to my previous post about how to update.

Summary of changes

General Information:


  1. Enhancement to address Security vulnerabilities-
    CVE-2021-42059, CVE-2021-42060,
    CVE-2021-41837, CVE-2021-41841,
    CVE-2021-42554, CVE-2021-43615,
    CVE-2021-33625, CVE-2021-41838,
    CVE-2021-43323, CVE-2021-33627,
    CVE-2021-27339, CVE-2021-41839,
    CVE-2021-41840, CVE-2021-41610,
    CVE-2021-41842, CVE-2021-33626.
  2. Enhancement to address Security vulnerability-LEN73452
  3. Enhancement to address Security vulnerability-LEN73436
  4. Enhancement to address Security vulnerability-LEN68085
  5. Enhance S3 resume capability.

You can download from here

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